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Fall for Better Health Challenge​

Although receiving regular bodywork is a great way to maintain wellness, taking charge of your health from the inside is equally important.  As we go into winter, it is especially important to give your body the proper vitamins and minerals to stay illness free.  To encourage you to take charge of your health, I am offering the following challenge that will reward you with discounts towards your next massage for each step you take towards trying Isotonix and Market America products.

Step 1: Complete a free customer profile at  Once this is complete you can browse the site and learn about great products and the science behind what makes these products so wonderful to achieving better health.  You will earn $10 off your next massage or package or 30-minutes in the sauna.

Step 2: Sign into your profile at and complete the Nutri-physical.  A quiz that learns about your habits and lifestyle and will suggest products that are best suited to your actual needs.  You will earn another $10 off your next massage or package, or 30-minutes in the sauna.

Step 3: Purchase any product over $50 and receive another
$10 off your next massage or package.
For each additional increments of $50 purchased, you will receive $10 towards massage until 12/31/2018

Step 4: Refer a friend to complete the same challenge and receive
$10 off your next massage or package 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of isotonix or doterra prior to completing customer profiles, simply click on either of the above links to be directed to their websites.  Feel free to browse and contact me with any questions.